The Root of the World

Fortune of the Broken Artifact

Restless for an opportunity to work within his wheelhouse, Noostoron looked for clues as to the nature of the Void card he found sealed within his inheritance from Griswauld Ironshanks. Imriad pointed him towards the blind half-elf he had met in a recent encounter, claiming he had some interest in the Deck of Many Things.

Upon meeting the half-elf again, he divulged that he had spoken with Irrikos in the attempt to learn more about the fabled artifact, but had somehow lost his sight in the process of gaining knowledge. He also told the group that he thought other parts of the Deck might have responded to the arrival of the World Tree and that his hunch was that the recent necromancer attack was somehow connected to the Deck. Finally, he mentioned a wizard allied to Lüm’ror who might have been affected by it herself. Her name was Annaria, and she spent much of her time protecting the town of Fenthic to the north of the kingdom with water-based abjurations. According to the half-elf, she had left after the necromancer attack in search of an apprentice of hers named Lenna.

Upon arriving at Fenthic, Noostoron and Catril found first that the main entrance to the water-locked town, a stone bridge, had collapsed; and, on the wrong side of said bridge was a small robed human boy being accosted by several orcs. After dealing with the orcs, they asked the boy some questions and realized that he was the wizard Lenna’s son. Also, after some prying, they found that he had somehow collapsed the bridge and killed Annaria in the process. While talking, an orc cut down the other rope bridge entrance to the town, leaving only the tunnels accessible by the river open to enter Fenthic.

Taking the boy with them into the caves despite Catril‘s distrust of him, they wound their way through them towards the town itself, getting lost several times along the way. Noticing several times that they were being stalked by unseen assailants, the group attempted to keep their path well-lit. Eventually, when Catril fell from a rock face into the lower depths of a cavern, they came face to face with their attackers: two dark ones. They attacked with the added advantage of a large bat and several noisome swarms of smaller bats, also possessing Noostoron’s Void card. Attacking him with it, he found himself face to face with Griswauld Ironshanks in his prison cell in Mentiri.

Catril held her own as Noostoron seemed to fall into a mystical slumber, the boy still relatively safe from his place on the rock wall. Noostoron and Griswauld briefly discussed his fate and his connection to the Deck of Many Things. He made clear that his destiny was foretold by many sages and oracles, and that his fate lay in the hands of whatever adventurer might successfully rescue him. Awakening to several injuries and Catril on death’s doorstep, Noostoron fought to dispatch his enemies as the boy unleashed a hellish blast of flame that destroyed many of the bats and set the largest bat ablaze. He also managed to save Catril from dying, though he was injured in the process.

Finally, they won out and while mending the boy’s wounds they found the Flames card from the Deck seared like a burn scar into his chest, near his heart. The dark ones each had a tattoo of a mouth upon their chests, one of which issued forth a taunting message from the same necromancer that had staged the attack upon the delegates previously. They made their way forth from the caves…



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