The World Tree

Initially conceived of as a mere prayer tree, a place of spiritual solace for the conflicted cambion living under its protection, this magnificent plant taps into powers both ancient and occult. Painstakingly crafted by the ministrations of Fiona Falstrom and her mentors, the unrealized potential of the World Tree was stymied by the corruption eating away at the soul and mind of Vittorio. Initially, the tree’s primary purpose was to shield him from scrying by devilish and demonic forces, as well as giving him a human visage to hide his darker heritage.

The task of restoring the tree from degradation required the aid of its creators. High Priest Varis handled the ritual aspects, Sæturnine strengthened the vessel by merging its essence to her own, Vittorio Falstrom anchored himself to it to keep its energy from dissipating at a distance from his presence and the adventurers guided the path of the tree through the fundament as it took strength from the many planes and added them to its own.

Upon arriving back at Terra and implanting itself in a mountain, the tree grew overnight to massive size and vastly increased its powers of protection, making incursions from other realms into the mortal realm much more difficult. Of course, control of this living structure could prove quite the alluring commodity, indeed.

The World Tree draws its power from several places. The dragon god Bahamut has shaped the tree to reflect his protective nature, and its leaves sometimes appear to resemble the draconic glyphic language of Iokharic. Many angels of protection are invoked through the multitude of wards placed upon the World Tree, one of the more esoteric being Imdugud. The energy of the fey helped to birth this plant, with the soul of a wood nymph bound to it to ensure its protection. It has further been fortified through contact with the planar energies of Shadow, Abyss, Celestia and the Nine Hells.

The World Tree

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