Places of Note

The mining town of Sterling Deep where the silver is running dry.

City of Engelgang which houses the grand cathedral of the Shield of the Platinum One.

Many villages near the Spire Mountains, long home to the Bronze Giver and current territory of the dragon Rachner.

Blighted region extending from the epicenter Mount Charon to benight the land.

Dwarven kingdom of Lüm’ror that acts as a trade hub to the southern expanses.

Gold-panning town of Fenthic which is set inside of the Benthia river.

Fey Nation of Alterrene where the extradimensional Highmere materializes at twilit moments.

Island of Sigil-Guard supports a massive wizard’s tower in the shape of a triangular prism.

Vast northern desert country known as Eretz Is’medi, homeland of the deva. Frequented by angels and djinn.

Sweeping southern ice wastes called the Southron Reaches, home to powerful wintry fey creatures and archfey servants.

Places of Note

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