Proud young dragon lordling


Also known as the Copper Spear, Rachner rules over the territory in the Spire Mountains formerly inhabited by his father the Bronze Giver. Rachner has a following comprised of elves and dragonborn as well as drakes. Despite his penchant for leadership, Rachner is also impetuous, aggressive, and quick to judge. He has been known to be less a steward of his region than an overlord protecting his property.

Upon his first encounter with the adventurers, Rachner lost a major reserve of pride along with his left eye. Fortunately for him, Barodurn and Noostoron promised not to kill him, the latter destroying his orb with an axe swipe. More recently, Rachner has come to the aid of these adventurers in the Abyss, forsaking vengeance and perhaps displaying a bit of maturity.


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