High Priest Varis

High Priest of the Shield of the Platinum One church


High Priest Varis is a wizened elf clergyman at the head of the church the Shield of the Platinum One. He has a extensive knowledge of abjuration magics, which he uses to the best of his ability to protect the realm from demonic and devilish incursions. Most of his knowledge stems from his religious background in the faith of the dragon god Bahamut, but is further bolstered from his studies of fey magics and demonology.

His alliances are an important facet of the success of Varis as a leader, including fellow ritualists and dragon followers of Bahamut. The Bronze Giver is one of the greatest allies to High Priest Varis.

His greatest pupil was a young human ritualist named Fiona Falstrom, who showed great potential for shifting the balance of the protection of the realm from evil invasions. Unfortunately, her promising career came to an abrupt end when she found herself with child. Varis sent her into hiding to protect her and the child from manipulation by their enemies. His protective measures would not keep her safe forever.

Recently, the late Fiona’s son and the adventurers have embarked upon a sojourn to transplant a World Tree to reinvigorate it and further empower it to defend both young Falstrom and the realm from the wicked creatures beyond this dimension.

High Priest Varis

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