Griswauld Ironshanks

Dwarven Paladin of Bahamut laid low by the Deck


Griswauld was, until recently, one of the greatest defenders of the kingdom of Lüm’ror. Recently, he has fallen into a death-like slumber that is so severe his funerary rites were performed and his possessions bequeathed according to obscure and meticulous standards. In his absence, the kingdom must spread its resources to keep its defenses functioning effectively. Griswauld’s armor rests in the celebrated Hall of Heroes, given a place of prominence reflective of his station and influence over Lüm’ror.

In addition to having comprehensive knowledge of the kingdom, Griswauld also had made investigations into the Deck of Many Things, which involves some understanding of its last known location: Gardmore Abbey.

Though few know it, his soul is imprisoned within the Dis, the second hell, in the great prison city of Mentiri. It was sent there by the Void card, reacting to the arrival of The World Tree Only by freeing his soul from the imprisoning object that keeps it locked in Mentiri can Griswauld be permitted to walk again in the waking world.

Griswauld Ironshanks

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