A copper dragon purported to have a fondness for art and sympathies for adventurers, the so-called Bronze Giver is not often seen in recent days. His territories in the Spire Mountains are presently maintained by his various retainers and presided over by his son, Rachner.

Known to only a few, his affinity for adventurers is based in his history with one of their kind. When he was younger and struggling for territory, a red dragon and its servants beset him. Though he managed to dispatch most of the servants alone, the red dragon and a stalwart kobold servant named Gi La nearly slew him. The kobold found pride in the bravery of this outmatched copper dragon and stood in his defense against his red dragon master. Since their mutual victory, the copper dragon became his patron and supporter.

Though his presence has been rare of late, the Bronze Giver was seen fighting alongside his son and a cohort of angel servants of Bahamut in the depths of the Abyss, part of a rescue attempt for the adventurers.


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