The Root of the World

Vulgar Method

With tensions running high and the threat of war on the horizon, Imriad requests that the characters take the initiative to assuage the anger of the nation of Alterrene by capturing a thief disruptive to their trade operations known to be sheltered in Lüm’ror presently. The eladrin Suril is a lithe warrior whose face is covered in blue pictish tattoos, thought to be seeking escape from the kingdom in the midst of the recent political upheaval.

Searching about the various sections of Lüm’ror, our intrepid heroes discover that Suril has connections to the local elf populace and has attempted unsuccessfully to leave through the dwarven quarter shipyards. They manage to seek him out at a tavern in the elven quarter named the Spindly Rook, where he confronted them directly and bribed the bar populace with a sack of gold to cover his escape.

Beating down the entire bar, the characters cajole and threaten their battered assailants for Suril‘s whereabouts. Catching up to him in a major bazaar in the half-elf quarter in front of the Sovereign Estate Inn, they engaged Suril with deadly force. Noostoron went for the kill immediately, while Catril blasted the eladrin’s elven archer allies. Suril reveals that the merchandise he had been stealing from Alterrene was slaves, which had little effect upon Noostoron and led to many insults from Suril. Catril, with her history of imprisonment in the Feywild, was much more affected by his story.

Finally agreeing to attempt to cover his escape, the players took several articles of clothing and hair from Suril to offer as evidence of his demise, with the promise to discuss the slave rings at a later encounter. Though their bluff somehow succeeded in the absence of a corpse, Imriad was very perturbed with the players’ lack of progress toward unraveling a potential war with Alterrene that he viewed as their direct responsibility. Noostoron responded to his angered outburst with threats to wage war upon Lüm’ror if The World Tree were to be harmed. They left Imriad and determined together that Catril would meet with Suril in an attempt to negotiate some way out of the city for the lot of them.



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