The Root of the World

Re-entry to Terra

Cavernous Outskirts of Lüm'ror

After successfully guiding the World Tree in the side of a small mountain outside of a narrowly-avoided city, the party was knocked out by the concussion created on impact by the tree. Upon waking underground in a cave system, they realized that it had successfully taken root, but its roots were now blocking many of the exits.

Meanwhile, their arrival had not gone unnoticed; it appeared as though a meteorite had destroyed the nearby mountain only to replace it with a massive tree. Sending a discreet agent not prone to rash judgment to gather information before hysteria could overtake the populace, the tiefling warlock Lyzril sought to discover the nature of the tree and to find a missing paladin recently vanished.

Retracing the roots permeating the cavern, Noostoron lost contact with his fellows due to the shifting terrain, but made it to the base of the World Tree where Sæturnine informed him of the approaching warlock. After discussing his intentions, Lyzril was transported to the caverns through the World Tree, hoping to lead Noostoron to the surface with his superior familiarity with the local geography.

Winding through the caverns, the duo came upon a drow child gambling with an ettercap by way of fighting spiders. The drow and its pet attacked upon noticing the group, eventually beheaded by the stalwart minotaur.

The search for daylight continues…



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