The Root of the World

Prisoner Transport

Catril Thorncastle‘s meeting with Suril Yelan went somewhat smoothly with Noostoron elsewhere, though his ability to escape the kingdom was diminished due to the heightened vigilance of the town guard after a very public altercation with the group. Shortly, Imriad Xaric arrived, seemingly to mend fences with Catril and offer to investigate the slave ring of Alterrene. The catch was that Suril would have to willingly agree to be imprisoned there, which he accepted as his only option for escaping Lüm’ror.

Meanwhile, Noostoron found himself engaged in a game of chess with a dark-skinned half-elf with strange, golden and very blind eyes. He was approached by High Priest Varis and Alanduir, who counseled him to help avert war with Alterrene so that they might fortify the World Tree against external threats. Reluctantly agreeing, he was soon surprised to see Imriad, Suril and Catril, along with a retinue of guardsmen, enter to discuss the transport of Suril. After apologies and arrangements were made, the characters were set to the task of delivering Suril to a drop-off point near Alterrene.

They also found themselves the beneficiaries of the last will and testament of the fallen Griswauld Ironshanks, with Catril Thorncastle receiving a sizable sum of money and Noostoron receiving the cloak given them by the flameskull guardian Irrikos to wrap his body. How it was listed in Griswauld’s will was unexplained.

The following morning they took off mounted on griffons with the direction of a goliath guide named Knella. Along the way they were attacked by snipers in the woodlands and Suril attempted to escape by jumping to be caught by an ally riding a pegasus. The chase continued and ended with griffons and pegasus alike all grounded. Noostoron attempted to remove one of Suril’s fingers as punishment for his escape attempt. He made it clear that his allies would not cease their attack unless he could rejoin them and call them off. Resting overnight to regain strength, they set out through a valley passage to avoid further sniper ambushes. While climbing a rocky hill, they came face to face with an eladrin bearing a thick scar on his forehead, his blade leveled upon a vulnerable Knella.

They agreed to walk on together for a time until reaching a cold, frozen river tied to the Southron Reaches. Once Noostoron crossed over Suril and his ally Vendristal attacked the group, claiming no desire to kill them, but trying to prevent pursuit. The creeping ice covering the river both bit at and restrained any who stayed upon it for too long. Eventually, the group was successful in beating them both into submission.

Noostoron severed Vendristal’s leg in order to show Suril that “actions have consequences” and left him to die by the river, though Catril tended to his leg wound. The drop-off meeting went off without any further complications, the group met by a small retinue of eladrin in icy-looking garb led by the delegate Riardon with his trained displacer beast in tow.

Upon returning, Noostoron discovered a card sewn into the fabric of his magic cloak, the Void card from the Deck of Many Things…



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