The Root of the World


After arriving in the kingdom of Lüm’ror, the characters found themselves the subjects of great interest and consternation. The arrival of The World Tree had caused much upheaval throughout the continent and many delegates were set to arrive over the course of the coming weeks to deal with the issues at hand.

The fey of Alterrene were upset by the disruption of their trade with their kingdom’s sister-city of Highmere, since their ability to interact with the Feywild had been reduced to the moments surrounding twilight and not a moment more. The mages of Sigil-Guard expressed concerns with the location of the tree too close to the cavernous passages leading to the Underdark. Engelgang delegate Varis was joined by Alanduir to represent the interest to defend and keep the tree from coming to harm, but the former was in a very weakened state after the unexpectedly lengthy ritual ordeal that brought the World Tree to the realm. Finally, the tiefling Imriad and King Maxam presided over the gathering, seeking to maintain neutrality in the face of losing one of the greatest defenders of Lüm’ror under mysterious circumstances.

After a less-than-rousing speech by Noostoron, many of the nobles found themselves on edge. Poor timing brought about hazardous circumstances as the entire delegation was attacked during a feast honoring the fallen paladin Griswauld Ironshanks. Earl Orfus—sufferer of spurry-rot—seemed to corrupt the meal provided by noble Northguard, sickening or killing the feasters as they violently expelled the dire boar meat they had consumed. The meat slunk across the table until it reached the central platter and reconstituted the beast into a horrible undead mockery of its former bestial glory, while the victims who choked to death on said meat rose anew as zombies. The fight went poorly for the intrepid heroes, but with the support of other warriors who managed to recover themselves they managed to destroy the undead.

After purging the undead from the world, a gnarled magic mouth manifested on a nearby dining table and proclaimed the events of the evening vengeance for a previous attack on the unknown assailant. The meeting continued on in an absolute uproar.



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