The Root of the World


After hearing many rumors about the storied Gardmore Abbey, Noostoron and Catril went to explore its depths and learn what they could of the Deck of Many Things. After defeating most of the guards at the front gate and discoursing with the leader of the orc residents, they offered to clear out a watch tower said to be haunted. There, they were thoroughly beaten back by a flesh golem; but, not before acquiring a strange scroll created by a wizard.

Getting as far from the watch tower as possible, they crossed the abbey grounds to a fey grove where they were approached by dryads seeking to trade secrets with them and foreshadowing their respective destinies. In the morning they found an eladrin woman beset by a displacer beast and several stirges. After rescuing her (with her assistance) they met the people of her camp. Her brother told them of a fountain that could grant them visions of the Abbey’s past and future, which they drank from and saw bits of history occurring deeper within its recesses. They also saw an artifact being guarded by four paladins of the Abbey. The eladrin woman went with them as a token of good will when they promised to protect her while she sought any information that might be found about her lost father.

Coming to a clearing, they found spider webs spread about, one of them holding a very old sword. After further searching, they discovered a collapsed bell tower guarded by a wraith sentry. It told them that only the wizard who had inhabited the watch tower could enter, or one bearing the arms of a guardian of the artifact hidden within. As it happened, they had both of these items, which permitted them passage. Within, they found three wraiths—former guardians driven first mad, then to death—ready to kill alongside their summoned Barlgura. Though they fought heroically, they fought to their last. The threat of chaos still looms over the world; and, there remains nothing of our heroes but a few scattered, flesh-stripped bones to bear testament to their efforts.



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