The Root of the World

Deep Exodus

The adventurers managed to reconvene and discovered a cleric defending the collapsed body of a familiar paladin of Bahamut against a swarm of kruthik. Together they made short work of the chitinous reptiles and gathered their essences and glands to prepare future kruthik potions.

Examining the comatose paladin, a well-known hero from Lüm’ror named Griswauld Ironshanks, they noticed an ashen symbol of a whirlpool set inside a rectangle upon his palm. Recognizing the symbol as one of fortune and realizing they had seen him during their sojourn into the second hell of Dis in the city of Mentiri, they concluded that his soul might be imprisoned on a plane apart from his body.

They soon noticed that the warlock was missing, and eventually found their way to him as the caverns became more crafted and polished in appearance. They came upon a table with a checker board pattern carved into its surface, an apparition evaporating from its position there. Behind the table they saw a large light source emitting from another cavern. The warlock was in the center of the room, almost enveloped by a green slime. A disembodied voice bade them play a game he dubbed aura scribe to escape with their comrade to the surface.

During this game, the voice—which was attached to a horned flameskull wrapped in a dark cloak—discussed his long immurement in this room full of translucent pillars of stalagtite and stalagmite for centuries of time. He claimed to be in service to the realm by acting as a sort of gatekeeper to any who would travel from the underground to the surface through his juncture. Once they succeeded with the game and reclaimed their comrade, he gave them his cloak (along with a handful of gems used in aura scribe) and told them he could impart them with knowledge since they had played along. The flameskull also gave his name as Irrikos Tur’end.

They questioned him about the nature of the mark on Ironshanks’ hand and he told them it was a mark of chaos, and that they should seek out Gardmore to learn more.



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